​​​​CAROL WELLS - REGISTER DENTAL HYGIENIST- RDH, RESTORATIVE dental hygienist - RRDH,  certified biological dental HYGIENIST with the international academy of biological dentistry & medicine


                             PERSONAL INFORMATION

A licensed member of the College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario, CDHO.

A member of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association CDHA 

A member of the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association ODHA
A member of the Local Chapter of the Hamilton Dental Hygienists' Study club 
President of The Hamilton & District Dental Hygienists’ Society 

 Board Member at Large with International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine www.IABDM.org 

Certified Biological Dental Hygienist - IABDM

I graduated as a Dental Hygienist in 1977. I have worked in private practice from 1977 until 2007. During my career as a dental hygienist I specialized as a Periodontal Co-Therapist, in a Preventive Dental Hygiene Practice.  A Periodontal Co- Therapist looks at all the factors that contribute to infection of the gums,  e.g. diabetes, heart disease etc. and works with the client to help them become healthier. My expertise is in understanding how the mouth can impact your overall health - The Oral Systemic Connection. I understand that Periodontal Disease is multi-factorial and there is a need to understand how Oral Health and Overall Health need to be addressed not only in the dental setting but in a medical setting as well. ​

Biological Dental Hygiene.  Looking at a Holistic approach to Dental Hygiene which becomes Integrative Dental Hygiene Process of Care.  Discover the “Root Cause” of health issues.